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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Elizabeth Seals lives in Dallas, Texas.   Since she was a child, Elizabeth has loved building and working with computers and software.  She has been using the Adobe and Autodesk Suites since she could type and use a computer.  She has 10+ years experience in the field of Design.​ Elizabeth founded The Curious Cat Designs in 2012 when she was living in Howell, Michigan.  

As stated on our homepage, The Curious Ca Designs offers Graphic, Web, and Print design solutions.

At The Curious Cat we’re passionate about offering creative, out-of-the-box solutions.  We work with you step-by-step to come up with an innovative plan for your needs.  Marketing, Advertising, Branding, Business Start-up, Multi-media, Architectural Signage, and More! You set the limit. It is also important to note that lead times may vary so please be sure to get the process rolling with enough time.  Feel free to get in touch and ask questions. 

  • Liberty University

  • The Art Institute of Michigan

  • SMU Guildhall

  • 10+ Years of Real Life Experience

  • Mac and Windows Knowledge

  • Android and OS App Knowledge

  • Autodesk and Adobe Software Knowledge

  • Microsoft Office and CRM

  • HTML / JAVA Script/ CSS

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